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The State Private Investigation Practice Examinations were developed not only to resemble the questions you’ll see on the real examination, but to be used as a study and reference tool. The questions were written in such a way as to enhance the learning experience and diminish some of the stress associated with finding the correct material to study. You’ll learn as you take the practice examination that you’ve retain much more knowledge than simply studying the research material supplied by the state agencies.

All of the State Practice Examinations were developed on what is termed as a “Blueprint” in the testing community. The blueprint is essentially an outline of topics to be tested which are taken directly from the study and reference material. When we have access to the actual blueprint it will be posted on the website and/or contained within the practice examination itself.

On average, each state examination contains between 100 and 175 multiple choice questions. Some states test via paper and pencil where you fill out an answer sheet with a number 2 pencil, and some are using Computer Based Testing (CBT). If CBT, you’ll be asked to go to a testing center and take your examination on a computer. In many instance, a CBT site does provide the candidate with immediate feedback. No matter the testing venue or testing means our Practice Examination will be a viable and useful study tool.

In any test administration, examinations are pulled from a bank of questions. These banks usually have double or even triple the number of questions needed to create the test. This is to assist with scrambling test questions so as to cut down on cheating and to ensure the tests are not compromised. A pool of questions also allows questions to stay in circulation longer as they are continually being switched in and out of examinations. Using the same question too often considerable lowers its usefulness in the testing industry. Therefore, we decided to give you a more robust practice test to help ensure you have a better pool of questions to study from. However, with that said, we cannot prepare or produce questions for every conceivable question that can be asked on the test. Therefore, although the practice examination will be an invaluable tool to study for the state examination, it should not be your only source and reference. Please consider all available reference material and study hard for your examination.

To assist you in using the Practice Examination as a study guide, I created a reference point at the end of each question. The reference point directs the client to the exact location within the State references where the question and answer to the question can be found. This will allow you to go directly to the location where these questions were developed to conduct additional research. This will save you valuable time and effort. No more searching pages upon pages looking for the specific reference never knowing if you have the correct section or not. It should be known however, that in many instances, the information contained within the questions can be found in more than one reference. I only listed one reference unless multiple references are needed to answer the question.

I feel confident the practice examination will help you successfully prepare you for your examination. If you have any questions regarding this practice examination or have comments or recommendations for how to make this product better please do not hesitate to E-Mail me at: privateinvestigatorexams.com. I take your comments, recommendations and constructive criticism very serious and will take immediate corrective action to correct an error or issue you might have found in a practice examination. Thank you for using this product and good luck with your PI career.

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