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Computer Based Test  vs.


Both the Computer Based Test (CBT) and the Hard Copy version which is emailed to you as a PDF is the identical examination.   The only difference is the format for which you receive the practice test.  

Some people like a hard copy as they like to have the entire test in front of them.  The main benefit of this is they can easily go to questions and take notes.   They can also bypass questions they know and concentrate on questions that give them the most trouble.   

There are 5 reasons to buy the online test over the hard copy. 

1.  Paperless

2.  24/7 access on any electronic device.

3.  No limit on how many times you take the test.

4.   Although it's the same questions on the test, the CBT is able to scramble the questions and answers so it feels like each time you take the test it is different.

5. It's only $10.00 more that the PDF version 

Hard Copy PDF

Computer Based Test (CBT)

The best deal is to purchase both the Hard Copy and the CBT.  This way you get the best of both worlds.  You have the ability to use the PDF to takes notes and use as a reference when taking the CBT.  The best part, it's only $20.00 more than the CBT and you get both tests.  Normally that is a $150.00 value.  You get $50.00 off.

Why not purchase both?