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Select this button to purchase your Alabama Private Investigator Practice Examination or simply click on the "BUY BUTTON" below to select the test you want to purchase.  You will have the option of purchasing a Hard Copy (PDF email to you) for $70.00, a Computer Based Test (CBT) for $80.00 that you will be able to take from any electronic device as many times as you like.  Or, you can purchase both for the reduced price of $100.00.  This allows you to have both a hard copy to write on and take notes and go on your computer or smartphone to take the CBT.  

Prepare for the State PI examination by clicking on the below links.  The links were taken from the Alabama PI board website which provide you with all the information you'll need to apply for and take the state test.  Purchase our practice examination as a study tool to help you prepare and pass the state examination.  


Shortly after placing your order, you will receive an email with a link to download and/or access your test.  The hard copy examination will be emailed to you as a PDF file that you can download and print.  The Computer Based Test (CB T) comes with a link to access your test from our CBT site.  If you order both, then you will get both the PDF file and the link to access the CBT.  If you have any questions Email us at privateinvestigatorexams@gmail.com.  

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Sample Alabama PI Practice Examination


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If you want to sample our test first, purchase our 10-question sample test for $5.00.  We took 10 questions from our 136-question practice examination.    If you have any questions Email us at privateinvestigatorexams@gmail.com.  


I just now took the Alabama state test and I passed? Your material was the most major component in allowing me to pass. Kelly
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